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To Prevent Abortion When Should You Start Treatment?

Pregnancy should be tested as soon as missed period is recognized. Treatment should be started on the day or next day of positive pregnancy test.

Sometimes Card Test For Pregnancy Show Very Light Line. Can These Pregnancies Be Saved?

There is very high chance for these pregnancies to become full term if the treatment is started at this time itself.

When Should You Stop Treatment?

Treatment has to be given till 37th week of pregnancy for best result.

What Are The Complication Expected For These RPL Patients?

a. Abortion
b. Placental Abruption
c. Oligohydramnios
d. I.U.D
e. Preterm Rupture of Membranes
f. Preterm labour

Can Blighted Ovum be Prevented?

Treatment should be started from the day of ovulation ideally if not, from the day of positive pregnancy test.

What Is The Expected Treatment Cost With Investigation?

For overseas patients 6,500 dollars till 12 weeks of intrauterine pregnancy (Inpatient care required)

Can IVF Pregnancy Patient Receive Treatment For RPL?

Definitely. Pregnancy loss may be prevented.