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After 6 abortions within a span of 4 years and a report of 46 XXt chromosome translocation in me, I just gave birth to a healthy male baby weighing 3.1 Kg on 16/11/2014. I would like to thank my doctor Bennie for fulfilling my motherhood. It has been a blessing to my husband and me after a series of traumatic miscarriages. If people like me need help, please contact my Doctor. Remya.B,
W/o Shaji.S.T,
Lekha Bhavanam,

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After having 2 consecutive abortions in my 4 years of married life and a history of irregular menstrual periods, I was ultimately blessed with a female baby, weighing 2.25 Kg on 13-09-2013. I thank Dr.Bennie for his healing hands.

Ann Baby,
W/o. Aby,

Mrs.Vibha Sunil

After 3 abortions at 8th, 8th & 12th weeks of intrauterine pregnancy with a positive test for IgG Rubella, IgG CMV, IgM HSV2, Positive antiphospholipid antibody, positive anticardiolipin antibody IgM, a live baby was born to me at 37 weeks with LSCS.

Mrs. T.N

After a married life of 7 years, with a history of 2 abortions and a Laparoscopic ovarian puncture 3 years back with positive Rubella IgG, Positive anticardiolipin antibody IgM and a TSH of 47.4 mIU/L, I gave birth to a female baby weighing 2.4 Kg at term by LSCS.

Mrs. A.P

After a married life of 4 years, with a history of 2 blighted ovum at 8 weeks of gestation with Positive anticardiolipin antibody IgM and Positive CMV IgG, I was delighted to be blessed with a live male baby weighing 2.3Kg at 36 weeks by LSCS.


In my 4 years of married life, I had one abortion, one preterm labour IUD and a history of Positive anticardiolipin antibody IgM, Positive Rubella IgG and Positive CMV IgG, I underwent LSCS at 37 weeks and was blessed with a live beautiful boy baby weighing 3 Kg.

Mrs S

After 1 abortion and another preterm abruption with IUD at 34 weeks of gestation and Positive tests for anticardiolipin antibody IgM, and CMV IgG, a live male baby of 2.7Kg was born to me at 37 weeks.